Who Can Find the Most Weird and Wonderful Antifeminist Propaganda?

Id like to start a little competition- who can find the most colourful anti-feminist propaganda?! Have a look at this if you are in need of a good laugh [content warning for one image of clearly fake aborted foetus]:
Its very interesting to see exactly what nutsy antifeminists think and why- it helps me to reason through my arguments against it- and this is good when someone you meet asks you to ‘explain feminism’, or challenges you to a slightly hostile debate about a feminist issue. This website appears to be put together by right wing american christians [as so many are] who don’t feel they have to make sense or use logic, so its quite funny. But the author mentioned- Phyllis Schlafly– is, i think, considered a serious intellectual and has written various books ‘The Total Woman’ being one critiqued by Mary Daly. Its not so funny when someone considered a respectable intellectual mounts a scholarly anti-feminist attack. Their arguments are more sophisticated, they know how to persuade a reader, they use current theories and [bad] science rather than religious doctrines. The more you know about anti-fem inism, painful as it is to read, the better prepared you are to defend yourself in a battle of ideas and wits!

Id highly recommend Andrea Dworkin’s ‘Right-Wing Women’ which is a fastinating study of women who are allied with right wing ideologies like fundamentalist christianity or faschism and who politically support their own oppression.

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