Boastful women

(This was written by Anna, I’m just posting it for her -KM)

There are many reasons why women are paid less than men. One of the reasons is that we live in a culture where women (and some people of other genders) are actively discouraged from taking pride in our achievements, and especially in talking about that pride.

Most women don’t speak up about what makes us great, and when we do, we can be viewed negatively for it. Contrast this to the way in which …men are encouraged to “big themselves up” at all times, and especially when in a wage negotiation situation, and you have one of the justifications for the status quo.

We don’t think that women are to blame for this situation – the problem is a culture which treats the genders differently. But we definitely think that the world could use more boastful women, women who are prepared to be vocal about our amazing skills and victories. And people of all genders need to get used to hearing loud and proud women, because feminism is here to stay.

That’s why on Saturday November 5th, the day after Equal Pay Day, women will be out in Cambridge, UK and announcing what makes us stand out. Equal Pay Day marks the day of the year when women in effect stop getting paid because of the pay gap between women and men of 15.5%. But it’s no boast to say that we are worth just as much as men.

So tweet #boastfulwomen and tell us what you have to boast about!

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