Boastful Women workshop and action

Feminist Action Cambridge was out and about yesterday, with our Verbal Self Esteem and Assertiveness workshop (yes, a catchy name, i know) followed by a Boastful Women action in Market Square.

It was a real privilege to co-facilitate the workshop (with the glorious E-R) for ten fabulous women. We worked on body language and using your voice; verbal self defence (including E-R.’s five stage theory of harassment, which I hope she’ll blog about soon); and then finished off with boasting practice, which was great fun. I’m now dying to run the workshop again, so that we can do it even better.

We finished off the workshop with some real boasting in Market Square with a fabulous megaphone, fliers and a banner, highlighting the gender pay gap which is marked by Equal Pay Day on Nov 4th. I have to say, for getting a feeling of power there’s nothing like a good megaphone. Especially when we’re using it for boasting. We did a good stint of boasting and fliering, even getting one or two passers-by to throw in their boasts, and then went for lunch at Clowns. Thanks to everyone who came along for making it a really good event.

One Comment on “Boastful Women workshop and action”

  1. KM says:

    You are awesome. That is all.

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