Facebook Link Roundup: 21-Dec-2011

Feminist Action Cambridge also has a facebook group here, which people use to post feminist links and have discussions. Not everybody uses Facebook, so here’s a roundup of the latest links, along with some (anonymised) comments on them for context.

The very last item is a roundup of responses to Cambridge police’s Christmas victim-blaming. As it includes some responses in quotes, it’s behind a “Read More” link – just click through to read them. Opportunities for activism here if you’d like to add your responses to the existing ones on Twitter!

I think it’s sad when articles like this dehumanise the women who are skinny and have that frame naturally. They aren’t emaciated skeletons or unreal, they are our sisters.

I think the thing that frightens me isn’t the person, or the body shape, but the social forces which cause that person to be chosen over other people, and the pressure others will feel because of the choice that was made. I don’t think Brashich’s body is what’s at fault here. But that horrible language keeps slipping in to these conversations. Her body isn’t our property to comment on.

I think it makes sense to criticise the image and not the model. The model herself probably doesn’t look like that 99% of the time, and she probably had no control over how she was photographed. But I do strongly object to that image, and the hundreds of similar images we see every day. The image treats women’s bodies as commodities, while enforcing a strict beauty standard for women: white, very young, very thin, and very passive. How sick is that?

The narrow margins of fashion and what is seen as desirable is ‘sick’ as you put it but that woman exists and she probably receives a lot of hatred daily for the way she looks. Her body type is a valid and beautiful one, we just can’t let it be the only kind we see in the media. Not really disagreeing but yeah, dismantle the institutions, not the people caught in them.

Yeah, I think we’re both saying that no-one deserves to receive hatred for the way they look.

Gross beyond belief – I can’t believe someone actually sat down and came up with this ad…

They had some choice responses on Twitter. Maybe you’d like to add yours! Here’s what they’ve gotten back so far:

@CambsCops blaming victims for being assaulted while drunk is dangerous: encourages rapists and discourages victims from speaking out

don’t victim-blame us @CambsCops – how about ‘nothing turns you into a potential rapist quicker than alcohol’ instead? #xmascrimeprevention

@CambsCops your victim-blaming is going to discourage people from reporting crimes, particularly sexual violence, this xmas.

@CambsCops Taking a new stance on #xmascrimeprevention, by making sure victims know it’s their fault so they don’t bother reporting it.

.@CambsCops how about nothing will turn you into an attacker more quickly than abdicating responsibility for your actions and blaming booze?

hey @CambsCops you can read about why victim-blaming is a really harmful, counterproductive idea

it’s cases like this and the widespread fails of police on rape that mean fewer people will report rapes, @CambsCops

@CambsCops being drunk isn’t a crime. Maybe you should warn men not to drink too much in case they assault someone?

.@CambsCops shouldn’t you be out catching students and liberals?


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