Cambridge Pimps are Busted

This incredibly small piece is from the Cambridge free paper The News and Crier. Kudos to Cambridge Constabulary for busting the pimps. Shame on the legal system for the ridiculously light sentences.

The reporting leaves something to be desired too. Note how the men are never called pimps, although they clearly are. And the lack of coverage of this issue [this the only small piece in the paper which refers to this obviously quite far reaching investigation by the police] and the lack of outrage or condemnation of the pimping ring involved. One of these brothels was very close to where I live.

We don’t know what has happened to the prostituted women involved.

Newspaper clipping with headline 'Brothel trio are sent to prison'



5 Comments on “Cambridge Pimps are Busted”

  1. KM says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this, in all likelihood the women were being horribly exploited by their pimps, but on the other hand now they have lost their incomes, at a time when all kinds of services for vulnerable people are being cut. The fact that they’ve been doing a job that’s illegal will make it hard for them to apply for JSA or any other benefits, since they can’t exactly tell the truth when they’re filling out forms, and the benefits agencies are super-picky about denying benefits if any part of the form is left out or not filled out properly. And if they have drink or drugs problems, having their pimps arrested won’t make those go away. I imagine these women are going through a really difficult time right now, and I hope they’re alright. With cuts hitting the most vulnerable people in society the hardest, unfortunately more people than ever will likely be pushed into prostitution.

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  3. Alexa says:

    oooh pingback from Survivors Connect Network!

  4. antiplondon says:

    We don’t know from the article whether the women ‘working’ in the brothels were from the UK or trafficked from abroad or both, or how directly they were being coerced, whether through poverty or violence, they may not have been getting to keep the money anyway.

    It’s possible to be abolitionist towards prostitution, while fully recognising the need for comprehensive exiting services (and remember, criminalising demand includes decriminalising the prostitute herself, so she wouldn’t have a criminal record to contend with when trying to get back into regular life).

    Saying prostitution is the ‘least worst’ thing going, and effectively washing our hands of it, is not the solution.

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