Cambridge Reclaim the Night 2012 – this Friday 11 May

Hello FAC people! This friday is reclaim the night cambridge and we are
hoping to have a large party of awesome FAC peeps to represent cambridge
town feminists and march up a storm- remember this isnt just a march for
students! we already have quite a few FAC people going so far [judging by
the facebook group] and this would be a great opportunity to meet others in
FAC who you dont yet know! Bring any noise makers flags or banners you can make/lay your hands on.
To connect with other FAC members and arrange to march together keep track
of the facebook, or if you arent into facebook email me back [i will defo be
going] and we can arrange to meet at the start of the march.

here are the details…

Date: Friday 11 May
Time: 8.15pm
Where: Parker’s Piece

Come Friday May 11th, we will take to the streets and march, from
Parker’s Piece to King’s Chapel, in protest at street harassment,
victim-blaming, and violence against women. At King’s Chapel we will hold
a candle-lit vigil (secular; all welcome), and hear from some amazing
speakers and musicians. Featuring…

Julia Gray from the awesome Hollaback London (anti-street harassment)
Rachel Childs from the amazing Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre
Cath Elliott, feminist and trade union activist
The incredible and inspiring women’s choir from Cambridge, Women of Note

***In order to challenge the status quo, in which women are told they must
be chaperoned by men when they go out at night, this march will be for
self-defining women only (trans people and kids welcome).

***There will be a Men’s Solidarity Demo at Great St. Mary’s Church at
8.15pm, which will join the women’s march when it reaches the Church, and
we will then go to the Vigil together). All absolutely welcome.

CU there!

(Not written by KM, but copy-pasted from the Announcements list.)

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