Women’s vocal improvisation – starting soon

Women’s vocal improvisation – starting soon

I used to do some free vocal improv with a couple of friends who were music therapists.  This would involve getting together, sitting or standing with our backs to one another, choosing a theme, and then vocalising (in a wide variety of ways) around a chosen theme.  We were surprised to find how great it felt. 

I went to the Her Noise symposium at the Tate Modern the other weekend and there was a panel on voice which reminded me of these sessions, so I’ve decided to start them up for FACers. 

Our first meeting will be at the Bath House Neighbourhood Centre on the corner of Gwydir St and Mill Road (just before the MIll Road bridge on the left, click here for a map) on Sunday 27th May from 5-6pm.

We’ll see how the first session goes, and if it goes well we’ll continue on the same day/time/venue on subsequent weeks.  All self-identified women welcome.  It REALLY REALLY doesn’t matter if you can sing or not, or if you are confident using your voice or not.  You can join in as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.  You can be totally silent or incredibly loud, and everything in between.  This is a space for women to discover/recover/enjoy their voices, in whatever way works for you. 

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