Action Planning Meeting, 16th July

Action Planning, Monday 16th July, 19.30

This is a meeting to make some plans for feminist activism. It’s a chance to discuss the issues that we care about, and work out some coordinated responses.

So far suggestions include:
-Protest against the sexist ‘New Love’ T-shirt range at Topman
-Responses to ‘The Haven’ Crisis pregnancy centre (and relatedly SPUC)
-Fundraising for Cambridge Women’s Resources Centre/Cambridge Rape Crisis
-Awareness raising for FAC

These aren’t set in stone – the point of the meeting is to see what people want to do, and get people in touch to co-operate. Even if you can’t make the meeting, please leave a comment here or get in touch directly with me if you have any ideas. That includes if you’re angry about something and don’t know how to respond, or if you don’t currently have the time/energy/spoons for activism but want something to be done. Hopefully together we’ll be able to achieve things!

The venue is The Bath House, on the corner of Gwydir Street and Mill Road, which is accessible.

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