Bodies & Beauty: Open Discussion Meeting

You are invited to our monthly meeting for July!

 We will be discussing body image and beauty.

These are some of the things we might talk about…
weight/size, fat, muscles, dieting, different notions of beauty, mannequins, clothing & gender, body modification, beauty practices, hairy bits, plastic surgery, perfection, airbrushing, masculine and feminine bodies, skin, body-police…
When? Weds 25th July
Where? The Friend’s meeting House, 12, Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BA [This venue is fully accessible]
What time? 8:00pm [til 9:30]
There is no entry fee [donations are welcome if you have a few coins spare]
I’m hoping for a lively discussion from 8-9:30 at The Friend’s, and an even more lively discussion in the pub after. We usually go to The Champion of the Thames on King St for a few drinks.
Feel free to invite your feminism-curious friends to this one- its a great introductory topic for those worried that they don’t know enough or aren’t sure they should call themselves a feminist- everyone has something to say!
Hope to see many of you there, sorry about the short notice this month!

One Comment on “Bodies & Beauty: Open Discussion Meeting”

  1. Alexa says:

    Leave a comment if you are not sure how to get to the venue, if it has the facilities you need to attend, or want to know a bit more about what the discussion meetings are like before you come…

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