Discussion: Feminism & Romantic Relationships

  • When: 8:00pm Weds 26th September
  • Where: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, CB5 8BA
Let’s have a meeting next week where we talk about feminism and romantic relationships. We can have a chat about feminism IN romantic relationships, or the lack of it, and and issues that have arisen for any of us when it comes to feminism and our relationships. We can chat about romantic relationships where sexism was a problem, and about amazing feminist romantic relationships. …
Please do feel free to come along and join in – everyone probably has SOME experience of feminism arising in the context of a romantic relationship, or at least has an opinion on the subject. I’m a big fan of feminism in romantic relationships, I’m looking forward to hearing everybody else’s experiences.

One Comment on “Discussion: Feminism & Romantic Relationships”

  1. redmilo92 says:

    Is there any reading you would recommend on the subject? Meant to make the discussion but ended being busy at home

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