Pro-choice Demo THIS SATURDAY

We’re counting down to our demonstration this Saturday to voice our opposition to the local ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ which give misinformation on abortion to women seeking help and support.

Local MP Julian Huppert who is a staunch defender of a woman’s right to choose has provided this statement in support of our demo:

“It is crucial that all organisations offering information or advice in
relation to unplanned pregnancy choices follow evidence-based guidance from
a professional medical organisation.

“Women who seek help in this matter have a very serious decision to make
and they cannot make that decision without medically accurate information.
And organisations providing that information have a duty to make it crystal
clear if they have a particular religious or anti-abortion stance.

“That is why I put forward an amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill
that would have required that any organisation giving advice to women
considering termination must give medically accurate information.”

The demo will be this Saturday 15th December 12pm-1pm. We’ll be in Cambridge City Centre, on the corner of Fitzroy St and New Square, right next to the Grafton Centre and Christs Pieces.


We’ll be the ones with the banner.  Come along and show your support!


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