FAC Review: Important Info & Update


FAC 2013 Review Meeting: 23rd Jan, 8:00pm @ The Friends Meeting House http://goo.gl/maps/4ME7Y

Festive Feminists! Before the holiday merriment begins – an update prior to our Jan Review.

Please have a good think ahead of our important January meeting as we will be making key decisions that affect the group. Feel free to bring some of your own notes to the meeting if you want, to ask questions in advance by replying to the email sent round on our mailing list, on the facebook event page or here in the comments.

What is this meeting for?

The review meeting in January will be to decide on the direction or aims of the group, try to fix any problems, and to decide on key issues affecting the way the group is run and what it is. It will not be a theoretical discussion meeting, but will be a practical planning and admin meeting. We will try to reach consensus decisions, but votes will also be taken. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting votes from those who do not attend, or suggestions for goals from those who cannot put any work into making those things happen. In short, if you care- attend the meeting. Decisions made at this meeting will affect the whole group and will be binding until the next review or similar admin meeting.

Who is facilitating this meeting?

Two women from FAC [one a long time organiser and one a newer member] will be running this meeting, and they aim to get through all items on the agenda, get final decisions from the group on key issues, allocate tasks and responsibilities if needed and all within a time limit of two and a half hours! Because of this they will be facilitating in a direct way and may have to push for decisions and limit discussion time.

Who is this meeting for?

Anyone can come to this meeting. It is particularly important to come if you care about the group, if you are involved in organising or if you have a particular point of view you’d like to have represented. Because no one person is ‘in charge’ of FAC or responsible for making things happen, if you wish to see changes or certain things happening you will have to help to make this a reality.

What will we be making decisions on?

We will be making decisions on items from the agenda, which has been circulated through the mailing list and on the facebook event page. You can add items to the agenda by editing the googledoc or replying to the email circular, however, we have a time limit for this meeting and some items have been requiring attention for months- so our facilitators will have
to prioritise.

What if we don’t get to talk about everything?

We have enough money from our funding pot to organise an extra meeting if this is needed- this could be in the same place or somewhere else, and could also be on a Saturday or a weeknight. We will decide at the end of the January meeting if this is needed.

Happy Holidays!


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