More fundraising!

So Cambridge women are skilled and talented and generous and resourceful and generally wonderful. You hopefully already knew this, but as further evidence I present not one but two events coming up in the next few weeks showcasing their talents AND raising money for Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre (which is in itself a great organisation run by a pretty amazing group of women).

On Friday Women’s Work: a celebration of female performers is happening at 8 pm at The Fountain.

From the Facebook event – “A night of eclectic and bombastic music, dance, poetry and visual art from Cambridge’s finest female performers and creative types.

Held in The Fountain’s cosy and welcoming function room on the top floor 🙂 Doors open at 7.30pm and the entertainment starts at 8. There will also be a merchandise table with work from some of the performers, and the proceeds from this will be going to CRCC.
This extraordinary event boasts the talents of 8 incredible women doing the very simple thing of standing up and being heard – come along and show your support for a very worthwhile cause.

£4.50 on the door (student £3.50)”

And next week at the ADC Theatre, a production of The Vagina Monologues is being put on – “This episodic ensemble by Eve Ensler presents a series of testimonies, ‘Vagina Interviews’, conducted with women from all over the world back in the 90s. The women’s various perspectives provide a delicate blend of comedy and tragedy which will have you both rolling in your seats and moved by the stark reality of the violence women face every day.

This all-female empowering speak- out hopes to raise both money for Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre and awareness for V-Day, Stop Violence Against Women Day, founded by Eve Ensler herself.”

Both events are the culmination of lots of hard work, and I feel a possibly unjustified vicarious pride in the achievements of my Cambridge sisters.

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