CRCC Firewalk

Would you skip barefoot over 20ft of hot coals to raise money for our local rape crisis centre?

CRCC has helped so many women in our region- maybe you or maybe someone you know has been listened to and believed. We need funds to increase our helpline opening hours and launch a new email support service.

If you would like to do a daring, fear conquering challenge and raise money for the centre at the same time this is one for you…

We invite you to take part in our first ever


Thursday 11th April from 5.30pm Scotsdales Garden Centre

An unmissable opportunity to conquer your fearsand walk barefoot across 20ft of burning embers unharmed!

On the night of the firewalk, participants will undergo a two hour training session which will prepare them for the challenge of taking their first step onto embers burning at around 1200 degrees fahrenheit!

Dare you walk across burning coals?

To guarantee your place in this spectacular event, simply register by visiting Registration is just £25 and we ask you to raise a minimum sponsorship of £125. Once you’ve registered we’ll send you a fundraising pack full of ideas and sponsorship forms to get you started – and you’ll get a t-shirt to wear on the night!

For more info, please email


Talking to teenagers about sex and feminism

Last week I spoke to students at Hills Road Sixth form college about feminism, taking ‘the equal right to sexual pleasure’ as my topic.  Here’s the blog post I’ve written for Gender and Education about it:

Million Women Rise in London this Saturday 9 March

(Trigger warning for discussion of violence against women)

Million Women Rise is a march and rally which takes place anually in London (not to be confused with Billion Women Rise, which is a completely different thing). MWR was founded in 2007 by Sabrina Qureshi, a campaigner and former womens’ sector advocacy worker. The event’s organisers are grassroots campaigners, without corporate endorsements or ties to large charities or NGOs.

From the Million Women Rise website:

This year we have already seen the rape of millions of women throughout the world and we are only in February. We have heard the German authorities apologies to a teenage girl for sending her to a brothel to get work… The Gang Rape and murder of a 17 year old girl in South Africa and the protest from our sisters in South Africa… Many of you have been at the ongoing protests supporting the voices of women of India after the gang rape in India of a young woman who is now dead… We have witnessed the Irish government commit murder of a woman who was denied her human rights to an abortion…Women in Egypt have spoken out against state sponsored Violence Against Women…

And we will not ignore the ongoing rape and genocide of our sisters and children across the world from Easten Congo to Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Palestine, Ivory Coast, Mali, Pakistan, Bangladesh, London, Bradford, Bolivia, Brazil, fromTamil women to Wales, East Europe, western Europe to the Americas to name a few.

Male violence against women is pandemic, it is organised and systematic, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

This year’s event will take place on Saturday 9th March, meeting at 12pm Oxford Street (Outside Selfridges). Oxford Street and Regent Street will be closed as women march through the West End, ending with a rally at Trafalgar Square.

The one concern I have about this event is that the website makes no mention of whether trans women are welcome to take part, and the slogan “One Woman, One Body, One Song, One Love” sounds like it could exclude trans women. I hope that in future years the organisers will make it clear that all self-defining women are invited to come together for this important event, to rally against the misogynistic violence which hurts us all.

Million Women Rise official website

Million Women Rise donations page