Heartwarming example of someone getting called out for using oppressive language on Twitter and being classy about it

Screencap of a Twitter conversation: Ben Goldacre: Sorry about that disgusting advertising auto-tweet from @taptu, im uninstalling. Don't ever trust an app that rapes you feed. Vile. Foul. The F-word: That's not rape. Ben Goldacre: Apologies, I was angry, you're absolutely right, rape not a good word in this context, sorry.

No fuss, no drama, no “I didn’t mean it that way” or “I’m sorry if anyone was offended”, no flamewars, and no lasting hard feelings either way. Nice.



Patriarchy says: Little girlies who want big grown up people-jobs instead of women’s work, will only succeed in downgrading people-work into women’s work. As such they will have to take the wage offered for women’s work. Which is nothing.

Warning about The Haven in Cambridge: bogus medical advice

“The Haven in Cambridge” recently set up shop at Citylife House, Sturton Street, Cambridge, CB1 2QF, offering “information about abortion, adoption and parenting and aim to equip you make an informed choice with regards to the future of your pregnancy” [1]

“The Haven in Cambridge” is one of many advice centres run by Care Confidential. Care Confidential is a Christian Evangelical organisation which opposes abortion under any circumstances. They are not in any way linked to the NHS, and they cannot refer you to an abortion provider. Nevertheless they have set up ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centres’ all over the UK. These centres are advertised in a way that implies that they can provide impartial counselling, accurate medical information, or a referral to an abortion provider, but they don’t provide any of these things. The people working at these centres often don’t have any medical qualifications, and they provide inaccurate and frightening medical information, with the goal of preventing abortion at all costs.

Feminist Action Cambridge believes that anyone considering an abortion should have access to accurate medical information and supportive, impartial counselling, should they need it.

If you need to get an abortion, or you are considering having an abortion and would like to talk to someone about it, you have a few options. You can go to your GP or to a family planning clinic and ask for a referral to an abortion provider. Or you can self-refer for an NHS-funded abortion by calling the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) Actionline on 08457 30 40 30.

Abortions are free on the NHS.

There is some more useful information here:
NHS choices: Where can I get abortion advice?

1. http://www.careconfidential.com/cambridge/Default.aspx


Unknown Women are Unknown Heroines. FIGHT ERASURE is a blog project to bring to light and attention the many erased and ignored women re[sisters] from around the world and from the past. Its purpose is to prevent the erasure of their thoughts and great deeds from our history and understanding of ourselves as women resisting patriarchy.

To add a woman to the project [and/or to history…], copy and paste the above text, title the post FIGHT ERASURE and provide some introductory informantion, links, pictures, articles, film, recording or quotes about her.

If you have more information about any of the women featured in the project, please add what you know in the comments, and pass it on…


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Another Bloody Woman Moaning

I hate my periods. I hate having no control over when they start. I hate washing bloodstains out of my clothes and bedding. I hate pain. I hate that I have decades to go before they stop. I hate that I have to put up with them even though I don’t want children anyway.

If your periods make you feel connected to your mother and grandmother and women all around the world throughout time and space, I feel happy for you. If your periods make you feel fertile and womanly, I’m glad. If you accept and celebrate periods as part of the cycle of life and nature, then great.

I do not feel this way. My periods make me unhappy and that isn’t going to change. As a woman, it needs to be OK for me to not like periods. I don’t need to be cheered up or convinced that they’re actually fun and awesome. Herbal medicine and mooncups will not make me feel better, because my feelings are so much deeper than that. I know that as a woman, I am not allowed to be unhappy as my purpose is to service the emotional needs of men and children, not to have any myself. I know that it is unacceptably selfish for any woman to be cross when it is so much more pleasant for those around us when we are happy and smiley. I know, but I don’t care.

Tampon advert showing Serena Williams on a tennis court punching the air in triumph, while in the background 2 stewards drag away a woman labelled 'Mother Nature'. The slogan says 'Game, Set and Match Serena'

You may not show or express pain or discomfort while menstruating. You can even win tennis tournaments when on your period through a combination of will power and expensive branded sanitary products.

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‘Sex’ for Sale

  • How those who are pro-prostitution are forcing us to conceive of prostitution:

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