Bodies & Beauty: Open Discussion Meeting

You are invited to our monthly meeting for July!

 We will be discussing body image and beauty.

These are some of the things we might talk about…
weight/size, fat, muscles, dieting, different notions of beauty, mannequins, clothing & gender, body modification, beauty practices, hairy bits, plastic surgery, perfection, airbrushing, masculine and feminine bodies, skin, body-police…
When? Weds 25th July
Where? The Friend’s meeting House, 12, Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BA [This venue is fully accessible]
What time? 8:00pm [til 9:30]
There is no entry fee [donations are welcome if you have a few coins spare]
I’m hoping for a lively discussion from 8-9:30 at The Friend’s, and an even more lively discussion in the pub after. We usually go to The Champion of the Thames on King St for a few drinks.
Feel free to invite your feminism-curious friends to this one- its a great introductory topic for those worried that they don’t know enough or aren’t sure they should call themselves a feminist- everyone has something to say!
Hope to see many of you there, sorry about the short notice this month!

Worthless Guy Stuff part 2

Well here we go again everyone, I am so sick of blokes just going on about their trifling man paraphernalia and never letting me get a word in edgeways. Can’t they keep all their pointless dude-hobbies to themselves instead of gossiping about that shit all day like old men? God! Like WTF?! This is the kind of crap I’m talking about:

Gordon Ramsey having a complete hissy fit over some Quiches and swearing like an old trollope [which is really unattractive] and I’m like calm down princess!

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Worthless Guy Stuff

O-M-to-the-G everyone I am so sick of men. I mean, God! All they do is pointless guy stuff all day in guy world and natter about trivial shit that’s not even important and their stupid jobs. I can’t even stand it anymore you know? It’s like, hey- all this man crap you keep going on about is really boring and no one cares. It’s especially annoying when I’m trying to watch sports and my boyfriend is sitting there on the sofa going on about some rubbish he read in a magazine full of dresses. Like this kind of shit:

Christian Dior twatting about with some dresses and shit, probably taking all day in the dressing room and then being like ‘does this make me look fat?’

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Action Planning Meeting, 16th July

Action Planning, Monday 16th July, 19.30

This is a meeting to make some plans for feminist activism. It’s a chance to discuss the issues that we care about, and work out some coordinated responses.

So far suggestions include:
-Protest against the sexist ‘New Love’ T-shirt range at Topman
-Responses to ‘The Haven’ Crisis pregnancy centre (and relatedly SPUC)
-Fundraising for Cambridge Women’s Resources Centre/Cambridge Rape Crisis
-Awareness raising for FAC

These aren’t set in stone – the point of the meeting is to see what people want to do, and get people in touch to co-operate. Even if you can’t make the meeting, please leave a comment here or get in touch directly with me if you have any ideas. That includes if you’re angry about something and don’t know how to respond, or if you don’t currently have the time/energy/spoons for activism but want something to be done. Hopefully together we’ll be able to achieve things!

The venue is The Bath House, on the corner of Gwydir Street and Mill Road, which is accessible.

A feminist response to Michael Albert’s visions for the Occupy Movement

This is an XKCD comic which I modified. Panel 1: A man stands next to an open box holding a growling cat. A woman says 'What are you doing?' and the man replies 'Making the world a weirder place.' Panel 2: The man is wrapping tape around the box, with the cat inside it. The man says: 'Starting with my EBAY feedback page'. Panel 3: A bruised person surrounded by debris sits at a computer, typing. In the original comment it said 'Instead of office chair package contained bobcat.', but I've altered it to say 'Instead of feminism package contained Patriarchy'. Panel 4: Same image as panel 3, with the person typing: 'Would not buy again.'


This post is a review of two free ebooks: “Occupy Theory” by Michael Albert and Mandisi Majavu (PDF), and “Occupy Vision” by Michael Albert and Mark Evans (PDF). As the names suggest, these books are being put forward as a potential unifying ideology for the Occupy movement, and for the anti-capitalist movement more generally. The ideas in these books also form an ideological basis for the International Organisation for a Participatory Society (IOPS).

A key figure in all this is Michael Albert, an academic and lifelong activist who co-authored both books. In the dedication to “Occupy Theory”, it’s made clear that the ideas in this book are being put forward as a potential unifying ideology for both the IOPS, and for the Occupy movement itself.

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