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This forum is for posting and discussion of feminist issues.

This forum aims to be a safer space. Please don’t make comments which are misogynist, classist, ageist, body shaming, disablist, racist, transphobic, biphobic, homophobic, which perpetuate any other system of institutional oppression, or which include personal attacks. The value of feminism isn’t up for debate in here and neither is the value of defending a safer space.

The first word on whether something is oppressive should go to all of us, because it’s everyone’s responsibility to fight oppression. But the final word goes to an oppressed person: if she says it’s sexism, it’s sexism.

We encourage commenters to use the same name every time they post.  We will not publish anonymous comments.  You are welcome to use a pseudonym. 

Please add trigger warnings as appropriate.

Trigger Warnings: If, in your comment, you link to any page that contains discussion of sexual assault, violence against women, or any other subject that may distress readers or cause them to be triggered, you must add a trigger warning alongside the link. If you don’t, we may edit the comment to add one for you.

If you see a post that you think needs one but is missing one, please contact one of the moderators and let us know.

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