Film, TV & Media

Recommended feminist or feminist friendly film, TV and media

CW stands for ‘Content Warning’ informing you of potentially difficult or disturbing content [for example a theme of abortion or suicide.]

TW stands for ‘Trigger Warning’ informing you of material which may be triggering for surviors [for example a scene of sexual assault, a theme or discussion of childhood abuse]


Vera Drake. Bleak historical drama about a woman who secretly performs abortions in London’s East End before legalisation. CW: scenes of non-medical abortions TW: scene of rape

!WomenArtRevolution 2012. Feature length documentary about women’s political art in the 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

The Source TW

Made in Dagenham 2011. Comedy-drama about the Ford factory strikes in demand of equal wages for women. CW: depicts suicide.

TV Series

The Crimson Lily and the White 2012 BBC 2. Historical drama based on the book, which follows Sugar- a young woman born into poverty and prostitution in Victorian London’s underworld- and her plan to escape; contrasted with the golden cage of Agnes- the wife of Sugar’s best customer. CW depicts prostitution and abortion. TW scenes of rape and medical rape

The Bletchley Circle 2012 BBC1. Detective drama set in post WW2 London. TW depicts battery, rape and murder

The Good Wife More4. Legal drama about the life of a politician’s wife-turned-lawyer after the scandal of her husbands affair and corruption comes to light. Particularly brilliant is Archie Panjabi  as Kalinda Sharma- badass bisexual private investigator with a secret past… CW occasional brief discussion of prostitution TW one episode features a survivor attempting to prosecute her rapist and is a reference to the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case.



Love and Marriage [episode 2] 2012 BBC Four

Women Channel 4 3-part documentary 2010

She-Wolves: England’s Early Queens BBC 4 2012

Lectures, Talks & VLogs

Feminist Frequency on YouTube

Target Women by Sarah Haskins on YouTube and CurrentTV

Those Pesky Dames on YouTube

Theatre & Dance

Bluebeard by Pina Bausch. Dance piece set to the opera by Bela Bartok focusing on sexual tension, threat and gender dynamics; from the woman who singlehandedly invented modern dance.


Trying is Good Josie Long

Maeve Higgins


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