Ladybird and fox

I’m trying out a new blogging format 🙂

A comic showing a conversation between a cute ladybird and a cute fox. Panel 1. Ladybird: The 'Fighting for safer places' blog post really got me thinking... Fox: Me too. My friends sometimes do things that make me unsafe. Panel 2. Ladybird: Like what? Fox: Like laughing when I talk about feminism... Panel 3. Ladybird: Hmmm. Fox: Or saying I should take sexual harassment as a compliment... Panel 4. Ladybird: Oh dear. Fox: Or saying I'm a prude when I complain about women being objectified. Panel 5. Ladybird: But if someone laughs at your political beliefs, are they really your friend? Fox: When you put it that way... probably not. END

The comic is licensed Attribution 3.0 Unported. The animal artwork is by Yurike11.

One Comment on “Ladybird and fox”

  1. Veronica says:

    brilliant! I love how succinct and clear this is – and the reference to the post on safety. more like this please!

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